Volt festival tomorrow and I will be working side by side with musicians Little Dragon. The local paper UNT gave me the front page today with this article (in swedish).

Morrsken is now on Facebook! Ok, I've been there for a while, but now I started using the page as well. Take a look and "like" it if you like it :) I will update with gigs and videos and other things of interest.

The Swedish radio show Ström, on channel P2, will air a VJ special on March 30. I'm one or the artists being interviewed.

This is the period of specialization projects. I wanted to make something that combines my interest in character animation with VJing and my love for jazz and swing dancing, so I am working with this.

At school Morrsken also makes games. Together with a team of 14 other artists and programmers I made Questionable Heroes, which is now nominated for Best Execution at Swedish Game Awards 2010.

Don't miss the spectacular Volt 2010 this Saturday at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. I'll be doing visuals together with Suzywan, Plakto and DJplaneten and there will be loads of other awesome artists, like Le Petit Orb and Shinedoe.

This Saturday, 24/4, Morrsken will be doing visuals with material from the people of Stockholm, the audience-participants of the event Ojud Sthlm at Kulturhuset, a part of the project Oljud Sthlm where musicians such as Håkan Lidbo and Noisebud make music out of noises, this Saturday also recorded by the audience-participants.

The presentation from Pixelvärk was streamed live and is still available here for those who weren't there.

I'll be going down to the Pixelvärk festival in Gothenburg (Göteborg) to play at the VJ jam on February 5th and do a presentation the 6th. More info here.

There is a big VJ article in the latest Cap&Design featuring me, The Midi Thief, Joel Dittrich, Vidiots and Bertrand Gondouin. Check it out!